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Plant & Equipment

To guarantee 100% client satisfaction, we have invested in modern equipment. We own and operate in excess of 200 units of plant & equipment (80 units are front line pieces). These include:

  • Earthworks – All heavy machinery involved in excavation, drilling, carting away, back filling, leveling and compaction.
  • Concrete – Concrete batching, concrete handling – pumps/ dumpers, trans-mixers.
  • Asphalt – Crushing plant, asphalt processing plant.
  • Construction Aids – Transportation, cranes, Generators, Compressors, scaffolding, pumps, tanks and general maintenance equipment.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]List of Fourway Construction Equipment’s

item Description Image Use comments
1 Asphalt Paver  asphalt Lays Asphalt concrete to level & compacts slightly pending roller 120 HP or bigger


2 Compactors
2.1 Vibrator roller compactor  vibrator Compacting road surface 100hp and bigger
2.2 Tandem Steel drum roller  tandem Compacting road surface 145Hp (10ton) or bigger
2.3 Pneumatic tire asphalt compactor  pneumatic Compacting & finishing asphalt road surface 100hp
2.4 Sheep foot roller compactor  sheepfoot Compaction in soil 75hp and bigger


Crawler tractors (Bulldozers)  crawler General dozing & rough grading Size D6-D9



Dump trucks

   dump Carting materials & tipping 14 tonne or bigger
5 Bitumen sprayer
5.1 Bitumen Hand sprayer  bitumensprayer Spraying bitumen and binder
5.2 Bitumen sprayer  bigbitumensprayer Spraying bitumen